11th SNI Meeting – Fremantle, Western Australia

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In 2008, the coastal port city of Fremantle in Western Australia set the scene for the 11th Meeting of the Society for Natural Immunity (SNI). Fremantle, with its vibrant maritime heritage and a blend of colonial and modern architecture, provided a refreshing and dynamic backdrop for discussions centred on Natural Killer cells and natural immunity.

The 11th SNI Meeting in Fremantle convened a global gathering of pioneering scientists, dedicated clinicians, and enthusiastic researchers. Against the backdrop of the Indian Ocean and the city’s bustling markets and historic prisons, the event became a hub for the exchange of cutting-edge ideas and innovative research findings.

Participants were immersed in an array of enlightening presentations, interactive workshops, and meaningful discussions. Beyond the confines of the conference rooms, the laid-back charm of Fremantle, with its street art, iconic cafes, and maritime allure, offered attendees moments of relaxation and inspiration.

Looking back at the Fremantle conference, it epitomises SNI’s commitment to hosting meetings that not only push the boundaries of scientific understanding but also immerse participants in diverse cultural experiences. The convergence of Fremantle’s rich history with the latest in natural immunity research was a testament to the society’s vision and dynamism.

Meeting Organizers:

  • Chris Andoniou
  • Jerome Coudert
  • Mariapia Degli-Esposti
  • Anthony Scalzo 
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